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Edward Vernick, PE, CME

Chairman, Senior Advisor

Edward Vernick has provided consistent leadership to RVE for more than 40 years.

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Edward Vernick is RVE’s Chairman and serves as a senior advisor to the firm’s management team. He has more than five decades of engineering experience and served as President/CEO of RVE for 37 years. As Principal in Charge, he developed and led multiple design teams in the preparation of plans and subsequent construction of numerous municipal, county and State capital improvement projects, and is ultimately responsible for all projects performed by RVE. Mr. Vernick has managed various municipal, County and State design projects for RVE. During his tenure at the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), Mr. Vernick received recognition for his development of a corporate modeling program for 11 Water Districts in the City, as well as for his designs for water plant structures and related facilities.