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RVE wins multiple PSLS mapping awards

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RVE was recently awarded multiple mapping awards through the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS). Congratulations to our award winners.

The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS) awarded RVE with three ribbons in the annual PLAT Competition. The PLAT Competition had 32 entries in five categories. The overall winner of the competition will be entered in the NSPS National Competition. Award-winning designs were received in following categories:

1st Place & 2019 Overall PLAT Competition winner went to Mark Jordan for the Phoenixville Wastewater Treatment Plant Minor Subdivision survey. This plan will be entered at the National Survey map contest.


1st Place was awarded to Jim Savage for a topographic outbound survey for the Township of Marple/Marple-Newtown School District.

2nd Place was awarded to Jim Savage for the Brownsville Road Streetscape Improvements project in the Township of Lower Southampton.

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