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RVE exhibits at the 2018 AMANJ conference

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RVE exhibited at the June Association of Municipal Assessors of New Jersey (AMANJ) education conference to highlight the benefits of GIS and its applications. The conference took place June 7 and  8, 2018 in East Windsor, NJ.

Kevin Zelinsky, GISP, CMS, Associate and RVE’s CADD/GIS/Cartography Department Manager was at the conference to demonstrate how implementing and maintaining a parcel-based GIS database in conjunction with a client’s on-going tax map maintenance program can provide far-reaching benefits for all departments.

GIS can be used to link virtually any kind of information imaginable about a home, business, utility infrastructure feature or transportation element to its geographic location on the digital map. To learn more, contact Kevin Zelinsky at 856 795 9595 ext. 1064.