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RVE Marks the Spot

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Al Pittis, an 86-year-old resident of Plainfield, NJ and a member of the Plainfield Cultural Heritage Commission, came across old photographs from 1963 showing the four mayors of Scotch Plains, Plainfield, South Plainfield, and Edison holding a meeting at the exact spot where their towns met. Mr. Pittis approached Mayor Adrian Mapp of Plainfield with the idea of recreating the photos with an event that had not taken place in 54 years. Mayor Mapp enthusiastically embraced the idea and spearheaded the project, reaching out to his three neighboring mayors and contracting Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) for the surveying work needed to find that exact spot once again.

In order to do that, RVE completed deed and file map research at both Union and Middlesex County courthouses. Then, a survey crew was sent to locate any existing property control, and that information was used to calculate the exact spot of intersection for the four municipalities and two counties. In the process, RVE found an old field map of the area from the early 1900s that showed the four municipalities and two counties, as well as displayed old property corners. Locating those corners in the field helped RVE determine the exact location of intersection. After all the research and calculations, RVE’s field crew staked out and “marked” the spot.

Several months later, on a partially cloudy day in late May, county officials began blocking off a section of Woodland Ave. There, on the newly paved asphalt, a giant emblem had been painted marking the location where the four municipalities met. The circle was divided into four pieces and the names of the municipalities were painted in their respective sections.

In honor of the occasion, RVE donated a special brass disk to set into the center of the asphalt marking. It was divided in four sections and engraved with the names of the municipalities.

The four mayors, Scotch Plains Mayor Al Smith, Edison Mayor Thomas Lankey, South Plainfield Mayor Matthew Arnesh, and Plainfield Mayor Mapp dedicated the marking with a proclamation of fellowship and collaboration. They vowed to continue the ceremonial meeting on that same day every year.

rve marks the spot