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RVE Wins a Top Honor at ACEC/PA 2017 Diamond Awards

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The 2017 Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence were held by ACEC/PA and RVE was recognized as the winner of the Best Panel competition.

“This is a tremendous honor for our firm to be selected as the best from the dozens and dozens of panels submitted from across the Commonwealth,” said RVE Partner Christopher Fazio, PE. “This was a team effort between our firm and a great client to produce an award-winning project that has had nothing but fantastic results.”

According to ACEC/PA, the “Best Panel Award is presented to a firm for creating a display that is visually exciting and stimulating to read while promoting the engineering profession’s achievements.”

Entitled, “Thirsty,” RVE’s panel showcased the Township of Falls Authority’s (TOFA) Water Main Lining Project.

After receiving complaints of rusty water, TOFA undertook several typically accepted steps to resolve the problem, but with limited success, TOFA made a bold and proactive decision. Ultimately, TOFA completely rehabilitated 10,000 LF of six-inch, unlined cast iron water main. TOFA cleaned the water main and lined it with a cement-mortar lining. While this technology is not new, TOFA had never used it. The result has been rust-free water for one and all.

“There’s no debate that the before and after pictures are really worth a thousand words,” Fazio said. “They’re the kinds of images that once you see them, they stick with you.”